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A good true heart in search of his hearts match
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United States
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US - West Coast
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A relationship
It is everything to me
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Im genuine and my picture is current and taken Oct. 2015 iPhone 6 Plus is my proof.
About me...Happy, I am easy going, faithful always. I have a very strong work ethic. I have a positive happy outlook in life.
I can see the good in people and I am a forgive and forget Christian. I don't like to judge but I'm not blind to evil. I am always slow to anger in all ways with one exception I would quickly anger to protect the Woman in my life as a good real Man should. To that Woman I am very Loving, very affectionate in the appropriate balance not smothering, thoughtful in many ways every day. I know what true love should be and is. I am very serving and thoughtful in all the little unexpected ways to that special Woman. I am not here to casual date or to play with anyone's heart but here for the sincere reasons.
What I am looking for...The Woman that is loving, forgiving, slow to anger and faithful, loving, affectionate, mutually respectful and values a Man. Able to overcome past heartaches and able to lower walls of fear and trust in the power of Love again centered around and grounded by our trust and belief in Jesus. He wants the best mate for you and the best mate for me but while in this world realistically speaking, we all fall short and have our imperfections. I am not a prince and you are not a princess. Expecting that is a deception of our modern society and plants the seed for discontent and negative behavior then failure of a relationship.

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Hi Dear,
I know this might come as a suprise to you but is for a good motive,I'm Barbara Zakara by name. Hope you are fine,i'm seeking for a trust worthy partner but when i saw your ID, then i felt to drop this few lines to see if you could be
interested establishing a nice relationship with me,i came for a good motive that worth more than relationship,I know a true friend is a gift from God,
Trust is hidden in every heart and it bonds for lifetime. it will also please me to know more about you For more details about me
kindly get back to me with. ( further communication so that we will feel free while responding to each other.
best regards.
have a nice day
1302 days ago
hi, good day to you. i have read your profile and i really interested to know you more.
hope you will do the same. im just a simple woman. i don't have anything to boast but GOD is all that i have.
1500 days ago
Hi Dear,
am Miss Adeline by name .I am a decent and an obedient lovely girl ,i love making friends and exchanging idears . do be very glad to know you better getting into this net working newly and ,I hope to make you my very good friend if this is also what you are looking for,i am open to good exchanges of idears ,letters pictures,and getting to know each other very well ,which is good for good relationship .you can reach me on the email address below
( )
Yours sincerely,
Adeline Alexis
1527 days ago
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1581 days ago
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1581 days ago
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