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Looking to meet some godly women, form friendships, with potential for more. Seeking quality time and discussion, growth together. Open communication, honesty, willing to try is key.
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United States
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US - Southwest
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First off :
If you're in AZ, I created a Meetup group for Christian Singles to hangout and grow together.  Feel free to check it out if interested:

Additionally, per profiles, I recommend having several (clear) photos and a fair amount of information in your profile so that I can get to know you some.  I'm mainly looking for women who are local, but I'd be up for chatting.

Main:  I am looking for friendship first through spending time 1 on 1 or in small groups primarily (quality time), with potential for marriage as the relationship deepens. Open communication, commitment to God, willingness to try and adjust is key.

You can only tell so much from an online profile, so I tried to write out many details I've discovered of myself. If there's interest, message me, and if things go well I'd be up for chatting on Skype then maybe meeting in person. Note, I'm primarily searching for women who are local. I care most about quality friendships and trying to figure out how life works, understanding God (via apologetics) and aim to make my life about serving God and others. I grew up in church but am not a huge fan of the larger services, I prefer small groups which are more personal and allow for deeper discussion.

I desire to find someone I can communicate well with, and who has a strong heart for God and others. It's important to be able to talk clearly and openly about things, and work through issues. I don't believe the person you find will be 100% perfect for you at the start, but rather that there is some level of adjustment needing to be done by both sides as an act of love for each other.

I am a young working professional starting my career in computer programming [edit: currently, though, I am out of a job and looking for work], and I like all things gaming. I grew up on videogames, and I enjoy playing, creating, and trying to make existing games better. I like figuring out how things work and seeing the big picture of things. I am fairly introverted and need a fair amount of personal time to recharge. I tend to think a lot, and am more of a homebody, preferring indoor activities to outdoor, though I have organized a fair number of group events. Recently too, I created a Meetup group for Christian singles to get together in the ~ Tempe area to get to know one another and be a part of each others' lives.

Prior to this place in life I am in, I considered myself to be 'the life of the party' kind of guy. I am big on entertainment, so when I would get together with my friends I always had something fun to do. As time went on though, I began to realize a few things, 1) that God has given me a lot in terms of ability, and 2) that there are some big needs in the world. I recall the parable of talents, that the person whom God has given much, much will be required. I believe that anyone can make a difference and am a believer in being the best you can be (becoming more like Christ). I want to be someone that tries to make a difference in the world, in giving my all for God. I believe it should start with one's self, then extending to one's family/friends, and then beyond. Am I in that place yet? No. Do I mess up often? More often than I care to keep track of. But by God's grace it is slowly getting there. This is a high priority for me, one that I anticipate will cause lifestyle changes for myself and to anyone I end up dating/marrying.

So who am I looking for? I am looking for a woman who has a similar heart. They don't have to be perfect, but I want someone who wants to live for God and others. Someone who can communicate well and be willing to try and keep on trying. Someone who I can relate to and have a great time with, experience new things and conquer new challenges together, but who at the end of the day sees the goal is serving and living for God. Yes, salvation is by grace, but from there I think the goal is to know God, and to serve Him with all our heart, soul, mind and strength.In the end, perhaps all I can ask is for someone who can communicate well and be willing to try to live a life honoring to God. I share all this, though, as a fair warning that I plan on pushing the boundaries, so I'd want someone who can understand this and, in whatever fashion, come alongside.Misc traits that I find attractive:-financially balanced, preferably not in debt-willing to try/experience new things, but also values downtime to relax

Misc about me:Personality: ISTP
Love languages: quality time, physical touch, then probably acts of service
Strengths test: Belief, Fairness, Deliberative, Intellection, Inclusiveness

Tend to prefer planning things out ahead of time, and not super spontaneous. Prefer not to have pets. Have a number of side projects I'd like to work on someday, most game or programming related. I'm not great at small talk, but getting better. I am not a huge fan of traveling, but I enjoy it when I do, preferring to visit a few places at a relaxed pace, as opposed to trying to hit all the tourist spots of the places visited.

Latest hobbies: learning ASL sign language, painting and collecting figurines, game making computer games, playing board games with friends (i.e. Dominion, Coup, King of Tokyo).

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My name is jane mba, I will like to be friendly with you. Please write me directly to my email contact me because i don't visit this site often ( or give me your email address, at the same time i will show you my picture and tell you more about me,thanks Miss jane mba.(
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Dearest one
I wish you and your family happy moments of life
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Ms Joy Bassey

1148 days ago
*I check in
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check in from time to time to see if new people have joined, feel free to send me messages if interested in chatting
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Hello I am miss Selina can we be friends if yes please write me back with your email address at private address ( for further communication so that we will feel free while responding to each other.
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