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Yeshua (Christ) says my headline should be: Don't perceive me out of context.
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United States
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It is up to God
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I'm giving up on concept of people in general knowing how to read.  Sad in my aspect, because I enjoy writing.  I did do a blog of the unabridged version of my original profile, which I'll share upon request.  (Translation: If you want to read I'll send you the link.)

Yes, I am a writer to the point where it comes almost as natural to me as breathing.  I look at things differently and apply thought in observation before speaking.  I am strong, independent, and refuse to conform to the limitation of one's mindset.

Anyway, before contacting me if you choose to do so, understand this simple statement and question:  Imitation is the greatest form of flattery.  What are you doing to reflect God's love, compassion, and mercy? 

Please know my antennae is homed in on scam alert.  Don't say you're living in Connecticut while living in Nigeria.  I find it REALLY sad if a guy has to look for money from a single mother trying support her children.  From a woman point of view, no, she is NOT thinking, "Yes, I have two kids, I can take care of you too."  If you decide to drop off your phone number, I will look it up in regards to validity.

Also, know this:  I'm insane in my sanity or sane in my insanity.  I'm conventionally unconventional or unconventionally conventional. 

Poems for the two pictures of the fat woman standing by the wall:

This is me

This is me
Head down, back burned
Standing in strength and belief

This is me
Wielding a sword against
Dominions of hate and violence

This is me
Hoping people will begin
To put value back into life one at a time

This is me
Not caring if  nobody cares...
And just asking if you do

I Want to be Blamed

I want to be blamed
For loving my neighbor
I want to be blamed
For helping within my power
I want to be blamed
For encouraging self reflection
I want to be blamed
Far taking power away from hate and violence
I want to be blamed
For planting seeds in creation that
brings talent into light and promote life
I want to be blamed
For smiling
I want to be blamed
For being a gift
I want to be blamed
For helping encourage hope for achievement
I want to be blamed
For being nonjudgmental and not being judged
Do you want to be blamed?
What for?

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Hi dear,
I'm Sgt.Cybill Mclallen, from USA. I am looking for good relationship with you,please contact me via e-mail(
for more and fotos

cybilladdison at

Send directly to my email box ok
1166 days ago
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OK. Hopefully the uploads worked. Let's hear it for hope and freedom in nonjudgmental ways
1203 days ago
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1203 days ago
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Trying to figure out how to insert pictures. There are two for the poems at the end.
1203 days ago
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