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Job 33:4 The Spirit of God has made me; the breathe of the Almighty gives me life.

Philippians 3: 13 Brothers and Sisters, I know that I have not yet reached that goal, but there is one thing I always do. Forgetting the past and straining toward what is ahead

I am “A Believer In Christ, A Victor, And Highly Blessed Child Of God Through Christ Jesus Our Lord And Savior”, who strives each day to live and grow more and more in him. Those are not just words, they are who I truly am inside. I am not perfect in any way, shape, form, or fashion, but my heart strives to learn more of his truth each day. Gain knowledge, and wisdom. Then allow the Holy Spirit to live it through me. I am very real, open, meaning I do not hide my past, weakness, failures, etc...Plus, I share my heart fully, and openly. I have been through a lot of horrible things in life which were done to me, mistakes I made, etc...All of which I truly see and know have been turned into blessings by the Lord. Now they are being used for good by him through me to share, relate, and encourage others, which I know is my purpose in him. I am on Disability and do not have much, but never have been materialistic. I'm really all about the heart and being real, not things.

In a relationship I am very romantic, loving, caring, attentive, fun-loving, huggy, kissy, hand holder, etc... along with striving always to live and grow as one in him together. I believe in lifting up one another, as the half in him. I believe that struggles are something to go through together in faith, knowing he will see us through, and then use it to make us stronger. I consider myself a together type person. Meaning, I like and enjoy doing most things together. I share these things because I also believe 100 percent in being equally yoked, and going in the same direction together in him.

I'm from Texas and have just lived here a little over 3 years. I know this is not where he desires to plant me, and am waiting upon him to guide there in his time. I have been single 15 years, and haven't dated either. The Lord has been heeling, and growing me during this time. I do not smoke, drink, or do drugs, but do use tobacco. I also am not into tattoos, wild hair, etc...however, I can see past it if we are equally yoked. I'm pretty much a clean cut kind of ole

I am a very friendly and outgoing person. I always try to have faith and know the Lord has all things under control. I try to always be positive and look to him for all things. I am a together type person, very open, real, passionate, affectionate, romantic, fun loving, love to talk, cut up, very attentive, and seek the same. When I love, I love with my whole heart. I am also a very simple person on one hand, while being a very deep person too. I do not need someone, but would now like someone if it is his will, and we are equally yoked in him. I live each day striving to learn and grow more and more in him.

I'm a big Dallas Cowboy fan.LOL...I hope this isn't were I lost I also like college football, camping, traveling, site seeing, rodeos, dancing, yard sales, flea markets, county fairs, antiques, cooking, animals, gardening, remodeling, site seeing, country drives, watching movies, especially romantic ones, anything good hearted. I love history and anything old, including older people. and their values. I use to be an extreme athlete, but have put on weight since becoming disabled. Now the Lord is guiding me in loosing it and getting back to were I was.

In the past I was a RA Leader at church, 4-H Leader also. When I worked I was a Salesman in the oil field in West Texas where I grow up and lived. Before in the past I would say I was just your average good ole boy and church goer so to speak. I made my share of mistakes. I endured a abusive childhood, and many other hardships. All of which he has heeled me from and has been using through me to encourage others in many different ways. I have been blessed with many different skills and knowledge of things. Such as being able to build things, do home repairs, animals, horses, goats, dogs, but most importantly the Lord.

Currently, the Lord has placed upon my heart to sell my things. Buy camping gear, and live out camping in free and some paid campgrounds all around. He blessed me years ago in writing and sharing the things he has taught me and brought me through. During that time he had placed in my heart to write a book years ago, but I had never followed through. My faith, you could say, was that I doubted I could do it. Now he (The Lord) has given me the faith to know, that what he started he will finish. Now he is guiding me in writing it. The being out in the woods camping has also blessed me in eating healthy, loosing weight, and getting exercise. Plus, I have also met some awesome folks. I know someday he will guide me to that place he wants to plant me in and serve him. For now though, he is leading me to see different places I have always wanted to see. While at the same time growing my faith deeper. I'm on a journey of faith you could say. Very different then most could ever imagine or think to do. It does however give me the freedom to go wherever I want and camp out. So, if I was to meet someone here. I am available to camp close by so we can get know one another. It is very sad that I have to add the following:

I am only seeking the one I am equally yoked with. I have listed who I am and the desires in my heart to serve him. My match would be very open, real, caring, loving, and can give her whole heart. Someone who desires to grow as one together in him more and more each day. She will see my heart and who I am in the Lord. She will see others identity as a Child Of God. She will be quick in forgetting the past and striving towards what is ahead.

I believe in being friends and allowing time and the Lord to prove if we are equally yoked. So, feel free to write and get to know one another...we don't have to get married even if we are not equally yoked...I can be a good friend....Blessings, David

This is a poem the Lord lead me to write:

The Old Is Gone, The New Has Come
Many people and things leave our lives, this is so
Sometime or another, that’s how it goes
New ones will come, to replace the gone
He uses it all, to carry us along
So don't be sad, or be blue
Because our Gracious Lord, is always true
Through mountains and valleys, he guides the way
Faith in your heart he desires to stay
His love never changing and always complete
Especially when we, kneel at his feet.
Let his peace and joy over flow from you
Right into the hearts, of those who are new
Let the old be gone, and the new begin
With love from the Father that comes from within

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