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I,m nothing without Jesus!!!
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US - Northeast/New England
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Salvation Army
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Beliefs: One God that operates in three manifestations - Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Jesus is the Way the Truth and the Life. If you believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and Savior you will be saved. Gifts of the Spirit...

"I AM SAVED BY GRACE AND NOT OF MYSELF" I realized after years of suffering through living life my way, "that my way does not work". I believe in Jesus Christ and that we are nothing without him. I had a very real and very personal experience with our lord Jesus Christ at a very horrible time in my life and "it changed everything"
*** I have just recently been thinking of possibly getting into ministry, How nice it would be to find someone who is like minded in this Area<3

The lord has blessed me in many ways ...except finding the right person to spend my future with. I know he's working on that right now though:) Im very easy to talk to and and love to learn about other people's interest and how they came to know the Lord.
I am ready, at this point, to find that one individual that is ready to form a lasting, long term reltionship. No one should travel this journey alone. My desire is to meet someone whom is Christ centered, would accept my child, likes the quiet moments together, and would be willing to build a future together.

I'm really just a simple kind of girl who appreciates the basic things in life that God has Blessed me with. I,m not here looking for Mr. Rich, Id much rather meet Mr. Poor, Someone who appreciates the little things in life that most people don,t even know is there.
I have been told that I am sweet, caring, loving, Loyal, compassionate and a commited women... I couldnt hurt a fly, I am definitely a deep thinker and Like to try to figure out what makes people do the things they do.
Jesus is 1st, in my life and Family2nd... and third well I don't know.. hmm have to think on that
I have many interests. Some of them are JESUS, THE BIBLE,Reading anything spiritual or that has to do with God or helping others.
I enjoy day trips, bbqs, Painting, art, of course church,"Jesus" camping, fishing whale watching,boat trips,theme parks, water parks with my daughter!

I,m that person EVERYONE goes to when they need some advice. I Love helping others, it is what drives me!!! I was put here to help others come to know Jesus and be there for them when no one else wants to be.
I Truly derive happiness from helping other people:)
I run recovery Groups at my church and have enrolled and taken the classes to become a soldier in the Salvation Army. Plymouth Core. My Core and Church means a lot to me .. My Daughter is also a junior Soldier.

I value Friendships and my Family very much. I THANK GOD EVERYDAY THAT I EVEN HAVE A Family, Many people have to face this world on their own:(...

A lot of my time goes to my 11 year old daughter and my church but I also love short trips to nowhere, watching a good movie, camping,Fishing,Boating or anything is fun with the right people;)

I love to show affection and like to show the person I,m with how much he means to me as well as my family. I have been Blessed with three beautiful children 23,16 and 11.THEY ARE MY LIFE!!!
Im a great listener and am a very loyal and true friend and mother...
I have had a tough life Sure, but I have been truly Blessed having gone through everything I have, It,s funny how you can look back on a painful or bad situation in your life and appreciate it years down the

.. I LOVE who I am and would never want to change anything. I'v definitely learned and grown in many ways through my experiences.
Live and Learn is a quote I live by and I know that the good Lord has me just where he needs me to be;)

**I'm looking for someone who can be my bestfriend, and can share in a passionate relationship with me foundationed and centered on Jesus Christ.. "God must come First in your life"
I'm seeking a "REAL CHRISTIAN MAN" Someone that is willing, together to grow in our faith and that finds Joy in helping others AND IS ACTIVE IN HIS CHURCH.
I'm not looking for Mr Rich, Mr. Perfect or anyone to complete me, Just Someone down to earth to spend quality time with and possibly a lifetime with who Puts Jesus before ANYTHING else.

* If you are Someone who can accept me for me and will love me even with my inperfections and flaws/ along the loving passionate and caring Woman that I am and can show me the same love and affection that I would show you then send me a msg... I look forward to getting to know you!!!

I am a true romantic and can be very sensual. I ALWAYS try to make the most of any situation whenever and wherever I am I,m creative in all that I do...

*You will find me in church, family events, bible study, womens ministry, water parks, carnivals, fishing, camping, bbq's, Facilitating groups to help those in need. You will find me reading the Bible and Praying daily ;) this is my life. I am very caring and generous and always enjoy helping others. I feel called to councel others that have had it hard and teach them how to talk about it, give it over to God, let go and move on in living the life the LORD has planned for them.

My friends would describe me as sincere, honest,thickly built,Beautiful inside and out, romantic, passionate, big hearted, thoughtful, creative, giving loyal, Family oriented, fun,strong willed and a caring women with a great sense of humor (love to laugh!).

God Bless you and may you find what your looking for...

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