Prophecy being fulfilled right now in Middle East.
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Smile Hey y'all: I just thought I'd leave a postof some REAL interesting topic for discussion!

Are any of you aware that prophecy is being fulfilled in the Middle East right now?? and has been for some time?

The last 12 books of the Old Testament(called the Minor Prophets-for their size not lack of importance) is like reading

tomorrows newspapers today!It is also being fulfilled around the world and even in the US!Our national debt for instance!

THAT was prophecied about in the Old Testament as to what fools our leaders have been in spending money so wildly!

Clinton and obama are past masters at it!even Bush wasn't very good(I mean Jr. not Papa) at it!(Yes, I know we had a national crisis

but we could have spent more carefully than was done in Washington-Blast those darn liberals!)

Any that disagree are welcome as well. I welcome other views as well.

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Do have any proof that prophecy is being RIGHT NOW in the Middle East?

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Hello Tom L:


Yes I actually do! In the Minor Prophets(Right now(at this moment) I do not remember which book but I can look it up and post it for y'all

that all of Israel's Neighbors(including Turkey and Egypt) would want to terminate(my terminology not the Bible's) Israel in the last days(that doesn't mean though that at that point all is over, but it does mean we are getting closer.) and it did happen late last year with Turkey and egypt both stating that they basically  protested and hated Israel over the rejection of Palestinian declaration that was in the news(It was on all the major channels showing some palestinians on a raft in the Jordan launching a protest(I don't remember what the fuss was initially about, but the result was that Israel rejected something the palestinians did and everyone pitched a fit about it(drama queens!)

I am sure that most of the members on this site DO watch the Middle east nowadays, but there are also so many folks that may not know about prophecies that are even in the old Testament! that apply to today! Like in Isaiah that the United States is mentioned and that is over 3500 years BEFORE we were Even a thought in anyone else's mind but FATHER'S! I thought that that  would be interesting to everyone.

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It is getting really crazy in the middle east and if my understanding is correct the bible does talk about wars in the end time .but what's crazy is that we're buying most of are oil from the middle east and we are making them rich.what we need to do is drill for oil in the American continent .