Seeking a marriage partner after age 50
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Hi! I am 50 plus and looking for a marriage partner after being a widow for 6 years. It gets lonely. I also find myself aware that I am no longer a spring chicken. Let's face it-wrinkles,gray hairs, not everything settles on the old frame like it used to. I know that God finds me to be beautiful. Is there a man out there who will? I venture forward with the faith that God will choose the best man for me. However, even under the best of circumstances, meeting new men after a number of years is scary.

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Hello, lonely sister.  After my divorce in 1999, I was feeling somewhat the same as you, though I don't look my age.   But being heavier than I'd ever been in my life, I didn't think I'd attract many men.  I was wrong.  First I joined a singles group so that I could go out in a herd instead of one on one.  That was good, but there was no romance.  Then God took me out into "the world" and into my new ministry in show business, and I've been having fun ever since and not worrying about a man.  I couldn't believe the attention I was getting--and my feminine ego loved it.  But being focused on business, flirtation was only for fun.  I never got involved with anyone; I always went home alone, and gladly.  Eventually I met the man I'm now married to.  We met on stage and later began working together.  He did not have much going for him spiritually, but he willingly followed my lead.  After six years, we finally married.  Anyway, in short, just go out and have fun, keep your heart tuned to God, and he will provide the companionship you desire.  Just keep a sharp lookout for where it's coming from--and don't be too desperate or you'll end up in worse shape than you are now.    Here we are:

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I too am looking for a marriage partner.  I'm not sure why I'm not having any luck meeting someone.  I'm a nice Christian man and have been told that I'm not bad looking either.  Being on four different dating sites hasn't helped anything.  Could it be that right now I don't have a car?  Seems like when I tell someone I'm on social security disability, they turn and run scared too.

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am new to the online dating and i will like to see where it goes from here!!!! Compared to many other means of introduction, this appears to provide more information with less risk. In addition, you never know who is out in cyber-space, what their interests may be, and if and how you might meet.Besides, the opportunity to meet people of interest and character should contain an element of risk, as do most things of value. I am a lost heart searching for my true kindred spirit.I have a good sense of humor; loving, caring,trustworthy and affectionate. I have a burning desire to share my whole life with honest and long term relationship oriented man.

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To AUDIENCE WITH THE KING -  Im James from Sulphur OKLAHOMA - Your photo for MARCIE AND BUBBLES  is a very nice photo. I too am over 50. And Im a widower. You are a nice looking good christian lady and Id like to write you. Here is my email address and I do hope to hear from you.


God Bless


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Its pretty discouraging knowing someone else who you really like who also wants to get married. Most men are either burned out on relationships, prefer younger/hotter women, or are so spirutal that they want someone 'perfect' or they just arent our type