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Mature young looking male look for Diciplinarian mature40-60+ christian woman
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Canada - East
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White - Caucasian
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Never married
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It is everything to me
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Early 50 christian male look like 40 no gray hair, blond ,blue eyes 5.8 firm toned and natural smoother skin type good shape and very easy going lover of all gods creatures especially animals of all sorts. I also sadly have some weakness of occasionally drinking or smoking, not going to church, and other small weak habits I succumb to from time to time. I had stopped all these behaviors due to a disciplinarian partner that ruled the ins and outs of everything and often discipline me old fashion way if I was doing bad behaviors this administered often for years kept me on the straight and narrow and close to the church. She refused to be married due to previous marriage and I felt always in sin but she did keep me in line and gave me a structured disciplinary system that kept me to be a good man. Now she sadly has passed on and I have been single now and have never looked for another one and have slipped in to all the old bad habits. I need  to meet maybe a woman from a widow to never married that is close to god and mature preferably 50s 60s but does not think always the man should run the house or the marriage and has no issue disciplining a misbehaving ungodly acting partner. maybe a woman whom has been left running a farm or ranch or she runs this or that and needs the help of a hard working loyal god fearing wife  partner loving loyal man but she knows she is the man so to speak and rules a christian life for me. There is many relationships like this for men to have wives like this.It  is simply in my case I am weak in the temptations of these things but not weak in temptation of cheating on wife or partner I am very loyal and higher IQ. However I realized that over my life the only time that I keep with the Lord and stay successful is with partners that have all been this sort of disciplinarian sort. And regular sorts we both are weak then and both fail. So I hope the big boss in the skies finds me a partner I can make happy with love and devotion but also challenge and make mistakes some times that you have the strength to discipline your man for them so that he keep on the straight and narrow. I would relocate gladly for right woman. I was house trained somewhat so besides taking care of animals I also enjoy cooking do not mind doing dishes that sort of thing. So if your strong in the lord and want a man to love only you and help you to massage you when sore to take care of you when sick what ever my woman with the lord likes but also believe that to keep a husband on the right path if they sway they need to be disciplined then we would make a match the lord wants. Whom shall keep me a good christian man. I would even travel and volunteer with her if she felt calling for us. So I am open minded and just looking for preferably woman wanting husband or at least serious long term.

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