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I am looking for a loyal and kindhearted and highly intellegent Christian man who has a vocation to marriage, who likes children, who does not believe in divorce, who has a big sense of humor, who likes books and music (or other interesting things) who likes Germans and would be willing to have German culture be part of his family, who also likes Jewish people and other Christians outside of his denomination, who is rather conservative, who could talk to me about interesting things, and who wants a real wife, not a sports buddy or a trophy wife. He doesn't have to be handsome or "fit." He doesn't have to be cocky or overly self-confident.

I was raised Christian. I understand that my faith in Christ must come first, and that the rest of my life must center around my faith. I find that great music, literature, and traditional hynms help me to understand my faith better. I especially love German chorales and Weslian hymns. I'm a Catholic with lots of Protestant and Jewish sympathies. I have also found that Jewish philosophy helps me understand my faith better, and so do certain types of German poetry.

I was homeschooled my whole life, and then I went to a Christian liberal arts college where I studied German. After I graduated, I started a free kindle ebook education, and I started taking voice lessons.

My main goal is to get married, raise a family, and homeschool my children. Other than that I would like to write fiction, and I wish I could participate in one of the organizations that seeks to bring together German Christians and devout Jewish people. I want to go back to Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, but preferably to small cities, towns, villages, and to the countryside. I want to live somewhere not to hot, with trees and flowers, and not too crowded. I'd also like to continue learning more about music and singing.

I do a little private tutoring for homeschoolers in the German language. Mostly I am an assistant homemaker to my mother. In five years I would like to see myself married. No matter what happens, I will be continuing my free/cheap kindle ebook education. And I'll always love singing, even if it's just for my own family.

I take voice lessons and sing German Lieder. I like gardening, reading, listening to music, and doing handcrafts.

I never thought that I was shy untill I graduated from college. I am oppinionated about intellectual matters, I love listening to funny stories, I really love good intellectual conversation, and I joke and laugh a lot, I like to talk about books, movies, music, birds, and all sorts of things. I can't make small talk at all. I love listening to old people's stories from when they were young. I am afraid of the telephone. I have no fear of public speaking. I am pleased when people tell me that they like German people (me) and that they share my eccumenical views. I'm pleased when people laugh at the funny things I say. I'm pleased when people tell me about things that interest them.

I am easily hurt when people insult my ethnic backround (German), it bothers me when people are anti-Protestant, anti-Catholic, or anti-Semitic. I can't stand feminism. I get physically ill when people yell at me all the time.

My favorite composers are Bach, Beethoven, Mendelssohn, and Schubert. My favorite authors are Tolkien, Dickens, Jane Austin, Shakespeare, Anthony Trollope. My favorite poets are Hopkins, Eichendorff, Goethe, Ruckert, and lots of other German poets. My favorite philosopher is Martin Buber. I like classic movies. My favorite painters are Rembrandt and Carl Larsson.

I speak two forreign languages: German and Swedish.

I have OCD, dyslexia, and I am a horrible athlete.

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