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 I believe Abortion murder should be illegal, confiscation of abortion drugs/ plants and abortion machines needs to take place, to promote this, a law would need to be in place. maybe you don't want to imprison the former violators because of how badly this nation has deceived them, but it is poor communication to allow people to continue with their sins and keep this ill practice legal. in fact keeping it legal in the books is a part of the deception. did you know the woman involved with roe vs. wade has repented and admitted to lying under oath? She didn't have an abortion. She is against abortion now and is hoping that the case will be repealed. if I could see that abortion becomes illegal again in all the world that will be nice for me. there is no exception. there is no greater love than one who lays down their life for their friends, how much deeper is that bond supposed to be between mother and child? It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones. Luke 17:2 KJV I would rather die myself than commit or condone abortion.on earth as it is in heaven: there arent any abortions in heaven. i just know there is a profound infinity that will take all eternity to behold and there is a heavenly realm beyond this one that is within our midst free from interference of growth. I believe Luke 3:14 KJV applies to all mankind of all ages. i do have a cause: i want to live for The Glory of JESUS, but i dont know how fully. i hope to have peaceful informative conformity to the Greatest Truth JESUS offers. May JESUS help me to seek diligently since the yoke is easy and the burden is light. i know in part i have been so blessed. i believe in Heaven and there was a time i believed in the world, but the world has failed me more than i ever could have imagined. the world is not welcoming enough to define it as a home. however, Heaven has sent me a written invitation. each person is redeemable so long as they are willing, and each person can grow with chances from JESUS. i want people to know that JESUS Can Save. Jesus loves and cares for you more than fallible humans. i want that sin be stopped with JESUS. The Love of Truth is Pro-Life with JESUS!!! it is a prayer to JESUS to hope that all people will diligently seek and find truth in every moment. i want people to know in part that JESUS is willing to teach you. we are to be servants to JESUS. put me to work, i want to help... it wont even be like work it will be fun privelidge. one of my goals is to appreciate all that ive recieved freely and in turn freely give. i want to be in continuous gratitude to CHRIST JESUS . Also I believe in modesty. I wear a head covering and respectful clothes. I believe in modesty of procreation within marriage, that is, husband and wife should avoid seeing one another without clothes.

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Hello I am miss Selina can we be friends if yes please write me back with your email address at private address ( for further communication so that we will feel free while responding to each other.
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" Corporal punishment is the commonest form of violence which children suffer, in all regions. And there are many perspectives from which to condemn it. The imperative for prohibiting and eliminating it is children’s equal human right to full respect for t
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